Please Note

Olta projects is a work in progress with some features still under developlment.

Olta provides a set of decentrilized tools/features that make creating code based nft's easier. Our mission is to help artists push boundrys, be playful and create dynamic generative art.

Become A Creator

Currently only curated artists can create projects on Polygon.

Our mumbai testnet is open to anyone who wants to try out our tools.
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Skills Required

You will need to know how to code, and render stuff real-time in web browsers. Create the artwork by using any technology you like, as long as the result is a html/js/css files that will serve the artwork.

Not a coder?

Feel free to collaborate with others, reach out to us on Olta Discordopen in new window to discuss and create a team project.

0xsplitsopen in new window and multisig wallets are supported on a smart contract level, we're working on getting it into the website.


You are free to use whichever framework or library you choose as long as it renders and runs on web browsers. Here are a few examples creators are using so far.

Using a libary that's not on the list?

let us knowopen in new window


We will be putting some examples together soon!

Have an example project?

We are looking for simple projects that help people get started with Olta.

It could use a framework, be vanilla javascript, built with a game engine or even written in another language and compiled to webassembly. The source code would need to be open sourced and easy to understand.

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