What is gas?

Gas are the fees used in the Ethereum network to incentivise miners to fulfil your request. To find out more visit Ethereum Gas Explained in Plain Englishopen in new window

Why do I have to pay to mint?

The Polygon network is constantly processing transactions based on demand, it naturally has spikes in usage at various times or driven by things happening in the ecosystem, therefore, the price of gas will rise and fall inline with this demand. As a consequence the cost of minting a piece of work will also increase if you attempt to mint in a period of intense usage. When you are minting a work you will be given a prediction of how much the mint will cost in dollars.

What does switching chains mean?

Switching chains refers to the changing of blockchains.

When will I hear back about my Application?

Once an application is submitted, it’s added to our pipeline for review. We're are now at a stage where we are focusing in on onboarding many new creators. It can take anywhere from a 2 weeks to one month before we reach out to you as we are a small team

Start off by joining our Discord channel and tell us about you in our #introduce-Yourself channelopen in new window or DM us on Twitteropen in new window.

What are Dynamic NFT’s?

NFT’s on Olta are essentially websites. Creators can represent blockchain events in the artwork. When the state of the blockchain changes the artwork changes.

Read more about Dymamic NFT's

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What is webXR?

WebXR is a API standard for creators to integrate VR, AR and 3D experiences into websites. This API allows creators to build without having to directly deal with each hardware and audeinces can view, interact with the experiences directly in their web browsers without the need to intall or download any extra plugins of software. Creators can write the code once and it will work with all devices from different brands (Oculus, Vive etc). Most exeriences will use WebGL as 3D rendering engines and the outputs are rendered into HTML canvas.

What wallet provider can I use?

Metamask just for now. More coming.

Where are the artworks stored?

The artworks are stored on Arweave. A permanent history is stored on the contract and arweave blockchain so all versions will be available permanently.

Project metadata is stored on-chain in the smart contracts.

Where you store your NFT matters!open in new window

How do I create a profile?

For now, profiles on Olta are basic. They show NFT’s you have created, purchased or plan to sell on Olta.

We will have proper profiles soon.