Community Building


We’ll continue to work with our partners to grow and support each other. We’ve got an amazing line up: Bundlr Network, Zora, Arweave, Lens Protocol, OxSplits, The Graph, Polygon.

Opening up for Team Projects

We will open up team NFT projects to bring in a wider variety of creator types and skill sets as well as broaden the scope of media. Watch this space.

Creative Jams / Hack Days

We will run creative collaborative Jams with reward pots for winners. For features in development we will run hackdays.

Get to know the Creators

We want to talk with creators on Twitter spaces and Discord Hangouts.

Discussing forward-thinking work

We’ll get conversations going around the forward-thinking work on Twitter Spaces and Discord Hangouts.

Give back to open source frameworks / libraries

We’d like to give back to developer teams of open source frameworks / libraries which creators use to create their interactive NFT’s on Olta.

Community Giveback

We want to create a strong community building ethos, with a collaborative approach to governance, democratic decentralized dev of features and tools and reward peeps who lean in 😃